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White Aluminium Ceiling Vent / Air Vent for Roof Wind Turbine Natural Ventilator

Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment



Aluminium Ceiling Vent 200mm x 400mm is designed to work in conjunction with wind turbine ventilator to allow cool fresh air to be drawn into the roof space. This screw fixed eave vent includes a specially designed mesh backing, preventing most insects from getting through and ensuring your home remains as pest-free as possible.
✔️ White in colour
✔️ Size : 16" x 8 " or 200 mm x 400 mm
✔️ Effective choice for cooling needed at home or factory plant.
✔️ Increasing the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system.
✔️ Lowering energy bills.
✔️ Protecting indoor air quality.
Quantity : 1 unit



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