JCB32B273P2-Santa Maria Medium Grey


Product Details

product name Santa Maria Middle Grey Product Size 1600x3200x12 Product number JCB32B273P2-Santa Maria Medium Grey Use space Door·Floor·Wall·Cabinet·Taiwan

Slabs of porcelain can come in sizes as large as 1600X3200MM, though they can be custom ordered to be much bigger or smaller. 3-20mm in thickness, they automatically become some of the easiest materials to work with.

While it's not exactly marble, porcelain slabs that look like marble can often be much more versatile than the dense natural stone. You are already familiar with the substance, as it is used to construct affordable countertops, floors, and well-known bathroom appliances. That versatility can extend even further to include walls, backsplashes, patios, fireplaces, tubs, and even more. It can reach places that marble could never dream of. Plus, it's much more efficient to handle and transport in a size that big.