Jewelry To The Picture To Sample Processing Customization

Hongxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd
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Product Details

We are a professional manufacturer and have been in the jewelry customization business for more than 10 years, with a good reputation and many regular customers all over the world. We have a lot of jewelry in stock and accept OEM.


We accept all kinds of customized jewelry and have unique experience in making all kinds of jewelry. We are mainly engaged in international 925 sterling silver, K-gold, inlay jewelry, jewelry design and so on. Our strict management system, accurate delivery deadlines, and consistent spirit have made our products available worldwide. Our jewelry design is fashionable and avant-garde, interpreting the modern jewelry wisdom craft technology, tough, light, stable and comprehensive characteristics to provide solid quality assurance for your custom jewelry. If you are willing to adopt our custom-made goods, then the quality of the custom-made jewelry we provide will surely satisfy you.


About customization

We need you to provide pictures, designs or documents that can describe clearly and attach the requirements of the product, such as plating color, metal material, low to medium quality of the finished product, etc., and we can also give some suggestions.



We can offer.

- Professional and experienced service

- High quality products

- Competitive prices

- Fast response

- Fast production and delivery

- Long-term stable company


We mainly do jewelry products, and we currently have a full stock of them. If you need to buy our stock or customize the corresponding jewelry, any need or question please contact us at