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BeautySquare Korea Singapore supplies Southeast Asia with beauty technology and products directly from Korea, to bring the concept of 'Skin & Body Management’ from South Korea to the rest of the world. ​We carry some of Korea's most advanced medical and aesthetic equipment that ensure safe, effective and long-lasting use. By using the latest beauty and aesthetic technologies, aesthetic clinics, facial centres and other beauty businesses can give their clients better results with reduced downtime. Dermatologically tested and backed up by aestheticians and beauty experts with years of experience in South Korea, the cosmeceutical brands we manage are well-made, safe for use & steroid-free. For businesses, we also provide professional consulting services to aid our clients in further understanding our new and leading-edge machines and cosmeceuticals to ensure safe and long-lasting use from our products. ​DERMABELL, our widest skincare line, is formulated with cutting-edge Korean medical science as is trusted by over 100 aesthetic clinics in South Korea. DERMABELL products contain certified high-quality plant-based ingredients but provide safe, yet effective skin management for even sensitive skin.