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Brand Concept: Minimalism/ Time Saving,Effective livelycare # Product Features: ✓ TA:Target extremely oily skin, large facial pores, acne, pimples, skin thatis slower to shed old cells, and dull and rough skin. ✓ Unique Selling Points: 1. A Double-Effect Combo that solves many skin problems. 2. A serum designed to strengthen your s k i n ’s barrier and reduce the time you spend on skincare routine. 3. A safe pH value, gentle and non-irritating, risk-free for promoting skin exfoliation. 4. Double-doses; our new formulated mandelic acid helps gently resurface your skin. The non-greasy and lightweight formula makes it easier to use. 5. Our unique acid formula is ideal for including in your daily skincare routine. ✓ Suggested retail price in Taiwan or other markets (USD):45 ✓ Selling channel in Taiwan or other markets: (to B):salon (to C):Official website、Pchome、shopee、other e-business platform、 Product Name:Skin Dual Effect Ultra Clean Essence #Website: #Brand Video: Group buy ✓ Required MOQ:2000 bottles ✓ Owned Factory? No # Other Product Series:Polyphenol Fresh Remover And Clean Foam, Hyaluronic Acid Renewal Toner, Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Recovery Lotion