Foshan Nanogress Porcellanato Co., Ltd

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NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO, founded in Milan, Italy, and registered as Nanogress Procellanato Co., Ltd. (Italy), is an international group that integrates the production and sale of porcelain and ceramic tiles to provide quality living inspiration. At the same time, it is also registered in China, whose full name is Foshan Nanogress Porcellanato Co., Ltd., headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Nanogress Group obtained brand trademark certification in a total of more than 100 countries worldwide, such as Italy and the United States. More than 80 product quality testing and certificates of recognition such as Singapore GREEN LABEL and over 10 product design patents were also pocketed in Nanogress Group. With professional and complete R&D design, Production and sales service team and the rigorous, innovative spirit of the Italian craftsmanship, Nanogress takes the leading position in the international trend. As a leading brand in the field of high-end porcelain and ceramic tiles which promotes quality lifestyle, Nanogress Group enjoys the praise in the international market. With the porcelain and ceramic tiles as the core, Nanogress Group integrates the Italian wine, coffee, aromatherapy and original design into an Italian craftsman community, to create an Italian lifestyle experience center of "comfortability, modernity and humanity", and it devotes itself to bringing quality Italian products and lifestyle to China and the world at large.