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"Nizona Corporation, Japan, a US FDA registered company is offering hydrolysed collagen peptide under the brand IKIGEN. IKIGENTM Fish Collagen Peptide is derived from the scales of fresh water fish and has multiple nutrition, skin and health benefits. Collagen is a pure and natural protein and accounts for 30% of total body protein in humans. It has multidimensional health benefits such as immunity, health of knee, bones, skin, joints, gut, nails, hair and much more! IKIGEN Fish collagen peptide easily blends into various product forms. Adding a little amount of collagen to a wide variety of food and beverages can fortify your products. Innovation with Collagen: Sports Nutrition Health Foods Pharma Companies F & B Innovators Supplement manufacturers Ingredient Suppliers How does #JustAddCollagen work for me and my customers? Increased product sales Collagen will add value to your products because of its multiple health benefits for skin, bones, muscles, joints, nails, hair and improving overall IMMUNITY.This can lead to improved sales as your regular products are now fortified with collagen. Unchanged manufacturing process Adding a little collagen will not cause any MAJOR CHANGE IN YOUR PRODUCT FORMULATION OR PRICE.Collagen blends well and will not affect your manufacturing process Widen customer base Fish collagen has lesser cultural, religious and dietary concerns as compared to bovine and porcine collagen. People will be more interested in the goodness of your collagen fortified products. Hassle free regulatory approvals IKIGEN Fish Collagen Peptide is 100% natural and is made from Fish scales. Being a clean label ingredient with neutral taste and odour, the regulatory classification of fish collagen peptide is simple. Collagen – A versatile ingredient Ikigen non-granulated fish collagen peptide can be added to Drinks, Coffee, Beverages Tablets and Capsules Gummies and Jelly sticks Milk and yoghurts Nutri bars and health supplements Pet foods Why Fish Collagen Peptide? Fish, collagen is sourced from discarded fish bones, skin and scales. It is rich in Type 1 collagen, proline, and glycine. Higher Bioavailability Studies have shown that fish collagen peptides are smaller, giving them superior bioavailability and digestibility. The bioavailability of fish collagen is 1.5 times higher compare to other sources Therefore, there is potential for you to see results faster.Since it’s easier to digest, fish collagen is excellent if you have digestive issues or if you’re using collagen specifically to heal your gut. Not to mention, the enhanced absorption also makes it easier for your body to flood your skin and joints with more of the anti-aging and bone-building molecules. Fish collagen may prove to be one of the best types to take, especially if you follow a high-antioxidant diet filled with colorful fruits and veggies. One study showed that participants taking fish collagen combined with antioxidants for just two months showed remarkable improved skin elasticity, moisture, and dermal ultrasonic markers. These results could be due to the fact that fish collagen also contains higher levels of a certain amino acid, hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline is unique because several of its peptides are detected in our blood after collagen consumption. Because of this, they help stimulate collagen synthesis by activating skin, joint, and bone cells. Less Risk of Contamination Land animals have a higher risk of contamination through hormones and diseases. Outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE), and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) have increased the health concerns regarding the use of collagen and collagen-derived products from terrestrial animals in recent years. Kindly refer to this research link Fish collagen is pescatarian friendly, and safe to consume for those who cannot have meat products for any reason Cultural and Social Norms Fish collagen has lesser cultural, religious and dietary concerns as compared to bovine and porcine collagen. Bovine and Porcine collagen is considered a taboo in various religious sects. IKIGEN Fish Collagen Peptide is a 100% natural protein sourced from the scales of freshwater fish."