Skin care Cosmetics

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Product Details

Emollient lotion
- A clear liquid cosmetic used after face wash to shrink open pores
- Also called skin, toner, or softener
- A transparent liquid product that is thermodynamically stabilized after solubilizing a substance that does not dissolve in water Emulsion
- A fluid formulation with the characteristics between a lotion (toner) and a cream
- A solution in which the liquid is spread like small drops in other liquids and has the same meaning as milk
- Provides moisture and oil to the skin, moisturizes and softens the skin have function Essence
- Concentrated product that quickly solves skin troubles
- There are many functional products and has the function of inhibiting skin aging
- Functional concentrated essence of whitening, anti-aging, sebum normalization, moisture supply, sensitivity and booster as an example can hear
- Higher concentration of additional ingredients than essence and viscosity
- Cosmetics that are effective in supplying skin nutrition
Cream Cream
- A representative formulation of basic cosmetics, applied at the next stage of essence or lotion
- Provides moisture and oil to maintain oil-water balance, and has moisturizing and softening functions
- Contains the most ingredients and has the fastest effect in a short time
- Made by grafting functional elements