Storage Type Water Boiler HS-10GB

Hao Hsing Industrial Co., LTD.
Taichung City, Others

Product Details


1. Model HS-10GB

2. Product name 10GB Storage Type Boiler

3. Capacity Hot 10GB

4. Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz

5. Dimension W42cm x D41cm x H83cm

6. Power consumption Hot 4000 W

7. Filter type 2 stage filtration (1st P.P sediment filter, 2nd Active carbon filter)



1. Child safety lock: Hot water safety lock, avoid accidentally burn.

2. Electricity leakage protection: Installed with national CNS Standard leakage protector. Pressure-less system: Prevent water tank leakage.

3. Double over-heating protection: Double over-heating protection, for top safety.

4. Error Code display: Error Code display, with error codes for more precise maintenance.