TJ-CS Series Rail Type Chain Saw

Xiamen Eastern Pegasus Co., Ltd.
Xiamen, Fujian Sheng

Product Details

TJ-CS Series marble chain saw is the special marble quarrying equipment, which consists of a host, moving platform, rails, chain arm, chain, hydraulic system, electric control system, chain lubrication pump and other parts. The chain arm may rotate in 360 degree for vertical and horizontal cutting which can translate freely according to the mining requirement. The cutting chain is transmitted by motor through a gearbox, making stepless speed regulation within 0-1.2m/s by frequency control chain speed. The hydraulic motor drives the platform moving back and forth and the 360 degree rotation of chain arm, both having two speeds (fast and slow); The cutting speed can be adjusted according to the hardness of stone when the moving speed of moving platform between 0-10.3m/h.; The hydraulic system is equipped with automatic heating and air cooling device, which can ensure the equipment can work normally when the environment temperature difference is substantial; This equipment can work without water, suitable for quarrying marble blocks within hardness below the secondary level.