Wall Mounted Water Dispenser HM-100

Hao Hsing Industrial Co., LTD.
Taichung City, Others

Product Details


1. Model: HM-1001

2. Product name: HOT / COLD Dispenser

3. Capacity: Hot 3.5L / Cold 2L

4. Voltage: 110V / 60Hz ; 220V 50~60Hz

5. Dimension: W43cm x D32cm x H65cm (Not Include Hooks)

6. Power consumption: Hot 750 W / Cold 130 W

7. Filter type: 1 stage filtration (P.P sediment filter)



1. Stainless steel case: Stainless steel case with anti sharp edge design

2. Environment friendly: Adopt Environment friendly refrigerant R-134a.

3. Pressure-less system: Prevent water tank leakage.

4. CE certification: Achieved CE certification with top quality.