Wanda Buliding Scaffold Casters

Taizhou Wanda Wheel Manufacture Co. Ltd
Taizhou City, Jiangsu Sheng

Product Details

Wanda Casters has more than 1000 kinds of casters & wheels, the mainly products include solid rubber casters, cast iron casters, polyurethane casters, nylon casters, phenolic casters, thermoplastic rubber casters, scaffolding casters, waste bin castors, etc. wanda casters are widely used in furniture, medical machine, material handling. etc. In accordance with the category distinction are: shopping cart casters, storage pallet truck casters, elevator wheel casters, shelf wheel casters, scaffolding casters, oven wheel castors, track wheel casters. according to the installation way is divided into: top plate casters, screw stem casters, insert stem casters, hollow casters. according to the usage is divided into: swivel casters, fixed casters, side brake casters, total lock casters. etc.