4G Wifi ATA SC-111-WA4G

Suncomm Technology., Ltd.
New Taipei City, Tai-pei Shih

Product Details

SC-111-WA4G Wifi ATA with 4G LTE 1SIM, 1 FXS, FXO & WIFI AP TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41; FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8



SC-111-WA4G Wifi ATA with 4G LTE is a multi-functional terminal, integrating voice (PSTN, VoIP) and data service (LTE 4G/ WCDMA 3G). It provides 3 voice interfaces (LTE/ GSM, FXS and FXO), offering seamless connectivity to VoIP Network, PLMN and PSTN.

Based on SIP, it can interacts with VoIP network and supports GSM/ 3G WCDMA/ 4G LTE frequency,

SC-111-WA4G supports WiFi and high-speed data-handling capacity, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing through WiFi or the LAN port.

With VPN transparent transfer function, SC-111-WA4G is ideally suitable for personal and SOHO or small office use.


Key Features:

1. FXS / FXO / GSM / LTE interface on a single device

2. Send/receive calls from PSTN/ PLMN via FXO/GSM/LTE

3. Flexible dial plan, via time, numbers, source IP etc.

4. IVR customization

5. High speed NAT forwarding, support WIFI hotspot

6. Built-in SIP server, support up to 32 SIP Extensions

7. User-friendly web interface, multiple management ways