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Huawoer Heat-Shrinkable Material Co., Ltd
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Product Details

We are a professional manufacturer of heat shrink tubing and have been doing business in this field for more than 10 years, with a good reputation and many regular customers all over the world. We can also accept any kind of customized heat shrink tubing type, as well as customized outer or inner packaging.


Our boxed packaging has been produced to meet all kinds of requirements. This boxed heat shrink can be offered to you in various types of colors and kinds of heat shrink. Our products are easy to use and reliable in performance. If you choose our heat shrink tubing, it will bring you more convenience and reduce many unnecessary troubles.


We guarantee reasonable prices and satisfactory quality, making it a good fit for your own brand.


We can offer:

- Competitive prices

- High quality products

- Sample orders accepted

- Secure payment and delivery worldwide

- Free shipping for bulk orders


For custom production and any questions, please feel free to contact! Looking forward to be your supplier in China and have a long term cooperation.

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