Extruded Profiles For Heatsink

Renxin-Seiko Industry Co., Ltd
Dongguan, Guangdong Sheng

Product Details

1.High quality, high density fins design

2.Customized fin height and width supported

3.Treatment and designs according to your ideal and drawing

4. Larger surface, more efficient than extruded profiles

5. Material: Aluminum or Copper 

6. Special design 

7.Larger surface, more efficient than extruded profiles 

8. Material: Aluminum or Copper

9.Customized design supported 

10.Compact construction for dissipating high power losses on smallest installation space 

11.Heatsink geometries and fixed length optimal adjusted to the fan being used 

12. Homogeneous heat dissipation 

13.Mounting of the semi-conductor by means of sliding nut Shrapnel or specific snap-to-retaining springs

14.for transistors