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Product Details

Dripper product features 

1. Pressure compensation : It provides uniform flow rate regardless of different pressure (0.5-3.0 bar), so that uniform flow and accurate distribution of water and fertilizer are ensured .

2.Made from virgin Polypropylene (PP), chemical corrosion resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant and aging resistant.

3.Labyrinth and turbulent flow passageway ensures large water channel, and wide large cross section design of flow channel and self-flushing system improve clogging resistance.

4. It can be connected to arrow dripper with Dn5mm PVC soft pipe, or can be directly installed on Dn12-32mmLDPE pipe with the hole punch.

5. It can be installed flexibly according to different crop distance, widely used in plants of many years' growth, such as trees and grapes.