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Bionet recently just upgraded the old Non-Invasive Fetal Chromosome Detection (NIPT) by launching “NIPT123” and “Q Bao Plus 14-in-1”. In addition to reducing the financial burden of first-time parents, this new service provides more professional and guaranteed testing quality tailored to all pregnant women. Studies have shown that DNA information representing the fetus can be detected in the blood of pregnant women. Non-invasive fetal chromosome detection, or "NIPT", is a safe, accurate and rapid new fetal chromosomal disease detection technology. It only needs to extract maternal blood and analyze it with new generation of sequencing technology and bioinformatics. NIPT can accurately (detection rate of 99%) detect whether the fetus has chromosomal diseases such as Trisomy 21, Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13; another method is to use internationally recognized SNPs Analytical platform to detect sexual chromosomal abnormalities, chromosomal all-triploid diseases and micro-fragment missing diseases, providing a comprehensive check for your baby's health.