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Set: Crystal 150mg x3 + Essential 10ml x 3

Single: Crystal150mg x 1 + Essential 10ml x 1


The Stem-RevivalComplex is designed for early aging skin to continue perfect skin texture! Itcontains a precious formula of growth factors, which has the dual function ofrestoring and regeneration. It helps to energize the cells, enhances skinself-defense system, and effectively reduces fine lines and wrinklesremarkably.



Please use upwithin 7-10 days after mixing in order to maintain the activity of growthfactors and to get an optimal effect.

 Suggested Usage

1. For the bestpenetration effect, it is recommended to use it as the first treatment aftercleansing. Apply it onto your face or body thoroughly and evenly. Use 1ml perday, 0.5ml once in the morning and once in the evening. After this process,customers may continue to apply daily skin care procedures as usual.

2. After using thisproduct for four weeks. The growth factors will penetrate into the dermis layerand stimulate fibroblast proliferation effectively. Follow the cell renewalcycle, which effect will expand to activate the surrounding cells gradually.



3. It is stronglyrecommended to keep this product continuously using for 3 months to get anoptimal result. It delivers ultimate reviving and anti-aging effect to resolveaging problems such as wrinkles, sagging, sensitive, rough pores, and dullskin.