Markhors Peshawari Chappal

Karachi, Sindh

Product Details

Peshwari chappal is the most popular traditional footwear of Pakistan for men. No Pashtun in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region wears any other footwear than Peshwari chappal. That's how Markhors thought to take it all over the country and the globe. Originating from traditional shoemakers of Peshawar, that's where it takes its name from. It is worn with the both the casual as well as the formal dresses, but mainly with Shalwar Kameez.

Peshwari chappal is the most comfortable and durable footwear people of Pakistan wear in place of flip-flops and sandals. These are usually made up of soft and pure leather. It has a semi-closed shape. The two straps from both sides meet each other at one end to buckle it up according to your feet's size. 

It comes in a lot of designs and pure leather colors. With the increasing popularity and access through ecommerce websites, a number of new designs are being revitalized and sold throughout the world. Markhors is the one and best of them!